St. John's Wort (Hypericum)

Medicinal Ingredients

Each Capsule Contains
St. John's Wort extract 200mg
5-HTP 50mg

Dosage recommendation

One capsule three times per day

St. John’s wort is a plant with yellow flowers that has been used for centuries for health purposes, such as for depression and anxiety. In some countries, such as Germany, it is commonly prescribed for mild depression, especially in children and adolescents.

At least one out of every 20 Americans gets depressed each year, and many rely on anti-depressants to help them cope. A new study shows the herb St. John's Wort might be just as effective, and with fewer side effects.


Studies show that people taking St. John's Wort experience natural mood elevation and reduced feelings of sadness or hopelessness and often experience a better sleep pattern. There are virtually no adverse side effects associated with St John's Wort, unlike pharmaceutical anti-depressants. While St. John's Wort is a thoroughly researched herbal remedy with an excellent track record, we recommend that people diagnosed with clinical depression use it under the supervision of their qualified health professional. St. John's Wort can cause sunburn in some people if the recommended daily dosage is consistently exceeded while in the sun. St. John's Wort has been considered a possible risk factor for the development of cataracts. Such risks, if they exist, may be eliminated with daily supplementation with vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. In addition, 5-HTP which contains a strong mood elevation was added to increase efficiency.

  What is it used for?

Mild to moderate (not severe) depression.
Anxiety and agitation
Impaired concentration
Dysthymia (variability in mood)
Nerve pain (neuralgia)
Sleep disturbances

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